The Dance Studio

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Fun and Interactive Dance Programs/ Current Thru May  2018

Children are always curious about what life has in store for them. Whether it’s playing, singing, or dancing, they find any new activity amusing and enjoyable. When it comes to dancing, The Dance Studio in Franklin, MA, offers interactive classes that promote fun and learning at the same time. ALL Classes Open to Boys and Girls! We are and Always will be a Non-Competitive Dance Studio!

Challenging yet Exciting Dance Styles

Rely on our skilled dance instructors to teach your child the fundamentals of ballet and tap dancing. We will enhance your little one’s talent and introduce him or her to two styles of dance.

Ballet is considered the foundation of all dance forms. Through our classes, students will continuously develop flexible and graceful techniques. Each session also includes vocabulary structure with grace, strength, poise, flexibility, and balance with individual corrections to body placement.

Tap, on the other hand, is the most rhythmic of all dance styles. Our class features the combination of musical theater, jazz, and numerous tap techniques. Your child will be able to fully understand and count music notes through our tap classes.

Children's Yoga with Reiki; Adult Cardio Hip Hop and Adult Zumba TBA

Little Feet  ages 4-5 Offered Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10:45 or Saturdays at 12:15 1/2 hour Tap/Ballet Class for those who have previously taken Tiny Toes Monthly Class Cost is $65. White Tap and White Ballet shoes required.

Tiny Tutus 2018/2019  Season

Introduce your young dancer to the fascinating world of dance through our Tiny Tutus sessions. We have tap and ballet dance programs especially for two to three-year old students that last for half an hour. These are scheduled every Tuesday or Thursday at 10: Wednesdays at 3 or  Fridays at 10  plus Saturdays at 11:15. Monthly class cost is $65.  White Tap and White Ballet Shoes Required- Two Costumes

April Hawaii Fun Week 2018

April 17th, 18th and 19th  $275 per child  8am-1pm. Ages 2-9  Register before 3/31/18 Limit 15 spots
Summer Intensive Courses: Friday's Only-  JUNE 29, 2018-AUGUST 24, 2018 9:30-1:30 Nine Weeks Ages 6-17 $600 for Session. Tap/Jazz/Ballet/Modern  Apply before 4/1/18-Limited Spaces

Tiny Toes 2018/2019 Season 

Our high-quality preschool classes are great for four to five-year old children. These sessions last 30 minutes and feature various dance lessons that are easy to follow. Class choice is as follows: Tuesdays or Thursdays at 9:30; Wednesdays at 4 or Saturdays at 11:45

Your mini dancer will learn about ballet and tap dancing in a fun and comfortable environment. He or she can also interact and dance with other children to develop strength, agility, and poise, as well as teamwork. This dance class costs $65 per month. White Tap and White Ballet Shoes Required.- Two Costumes

First and Second Grade 2018/2019

If your child is six to seven years old, enroll him or her in our Elementary dance class today! This is a 75 minute session. Aside from teaching students how to dance, we encourage creativity through musical games, coordination exercises, and pre-ballet stretching. Tan Tap and Pink Ballet Shoes and Jazz or Baton Required. Three Costumes

Your child will also learn more about ballet and tap, Baton or Jazz terms, dancing while focusing on rhythm, body position, and proper counting techniques. Monthly Class Cost is $85 per month and is offered: Tuesdays or Thursdays  at 6:45 (Jazz); Wednesdays at 4:30 (Baton)

3rd and 4th Grade Tap/Ballet and Baton Saturdays at 9 am 75 minute class Monthly Cost is $85

Baby and Me Classes Class 2018/2019

  Wednesdays at 9:30-Half Hour interactive class with adult. Music, Movement and Fun. Monthly Class Cost $40

Kinder Class Tap and Ballet...  Ages 5-6  The Student has knowledge of the body and will learn basic movement skills. They will learn creative movement as we play games and start to learn Dance Vocabulary.  Class is one hour long. Monthly Class Cost  $75  -Two Costumes.   Offered Tuesdays at 4:15 or Saturdays at 10:15

  White Tap and Pink Ballet Shoes Required.

Teen Tap/Ballet/Jazz Ages 12-18   Offered Tuesdays  from 6:45-8 or Thursdays from 5-6:15 Monthly Cost is $85




3:30-4:15  45 minute Class Ages 4-10

This class costs $65 per month- One Costume

Important Reminders

At The Dance Studio, we require our students to bring their own tap and ballet shoes. During the dance lessons, all children should be wearing leotards with their hair pulled back. Please note that for safety reasons, we do not require our students to wear any type of jewelry.

 While we require your full participation during “Parent and Me” sessions, please be reminded that parents are not allowed in the classroom for other dance classes. You are only allowed to drop off your children to avoid distractions. We will however be holding a watch week later in the year.

We do our best to keep our students’ attention and prevent distractions from happening. This way, children can fully learn and understand what we teach. You can also count on us to take care of your little dancer when he or she feels upset during the first few sessions.

Children should be potty trained because our instructors do not change diapers or pull-ups. It is also important that you do not leave soiled diapers in our trash. This is to comply with the studio’s health standards.

We require every student to bring water bottles for breaks. Keep in mind that food is not allowed inside the studio.

A One Month Drop Out is required in Writing to avoid addition charges. No Refunds for Costumes or Registration fee. Less than a month and that months tuition is non-refundable.

Registration and More

The Dance Studio is open for boys and girls ages 10 months-18 years- unless otherwise noted. Classes will start on September 18, 2018 and end on May 11, 2019.  All Classes will be in Recital!

Please note: Dance Activities- please bring your own water bottles to keep your child  energetic and happy. Limited Space

Cub Lions Starts October 11, 2018 Sign Up Required!
Open to Boys and Girls Ages 4-8 FREE
Thursdays from 4:15-5  We Meet as at the Studio
Dance and Lion Cub T-Shirts-Pre-Order $40 each Sizes 2T-Adult XXL
Classes Begin on September 18, 2018
Early Registration Starts April 8, 2018 at The Dance Studio from 10-1
Costumes are $85 each and non-refundable
 Fun WEEKS and Summer Classes to follow
Father/Daughter TBA for 2018/2019 Season
ALL CLASSES/Fun Weeks/Costumes and all other Activities provided by The Dance Studio are Non-Refundable due to  missed classes/ dropping out or illnesses.